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How to Buy a Winetopia Ticket

Choose your event. Select a session you would like to attend. There are 3 sessions at each Winetopia event. Session One - Friday evening, Session Two - Saturday afternoon and Session Three - Saturday evening. Each session requires a separate entry ticket to attend. If you would like to purchase Golden Coins, purchase them for the session you have an entry ticket for. More information about Golden Coins below.

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You can give your ticket a boost by ordering some Golden Coins which will gain you access to some of the most awarded wines in the country (that retail for over $100 per bottle).First select the entry ticket you would like and this additional option will be offered to you afterwards.


There is no booking fee for Masterclasses, only the Transaction Fee. Please note, Masterclass tickets are add-on tickets and you will still need either a General Admission or Premium ticket to gain entrance into the event. View Auckland Masterclass classes.

R18. See full list of FAQs here.