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Lockdown Living

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Our ‘Lockdown Living’ box, is as inspirational as it is obtainable! These wines were destined for Auckland's top restaurants, until lockdown hit the pause button on the annual Restaurant Month in the Heart of the City and now we can deliver them to you!

This includes some fun wines from our friends in Australia. The Atè Sparkling Chardonnay is perfect for those that want something a bit different, with its bold flavours of green apple and tart pear, it gives Champagne a run for its money (albeit at a lower price point).

Another two bottles of Atè with the 2019 Shiraz with notes of blackberry and boysenberry, red fruits and spice. For Restaurant Month in the Heart of the City popular eatery Miss Clawdy paired this fabulous wine with their South American Jambalaya and Southern Poutine - a great warming combo for winter!

 Finally, we have a wonderful Malbec from Argentina with the Sierra los Andes 2020 vintage. This bold berry red with hints of oak and vanilla pairs amazingly with beef and is versatile enough to be paired with a wide variety of dishes.

2 bottles of Até Sparkling Chardonnay NV from Australia                                                                          
2 bottles of Sierra Los Andes Malbec 2020 from Argentina                                                                    
2 bottles of Até Shiraz 2019 from Australia