K. Opawa Pinot Noir 2018 *


K. Opawa Pinot Noir 2018 *

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Opawa Pinot Noir 2018

Elegantly silky with a touch of juicy acidity to give freshness, this is a medium bodied and beautifully balanced Marlborough Pinot Noir. The nose shows notes of ripe plums and wild strawberries, with a hint of cloves and spice. The palate displays supple red fruit flavours and soft, fine tannins. Closes with a lingering finish.  


About Opawa

Meaning “smoky river” in Maori, Opawa is a vineyard located on the old river bed of the historic Opawa River in Marlborough. The stony river gravels absorb the sun’s warmth during the day, radiating it back onto the grapes at night, evolving the delicious aromas and flavours in these wines. Their grapes are picked in the cool of night, under the moonlight, to ensure the pristine flavours are perfectly preserved in their wines.