Palliser Estate 'The Rose' Methode Traditionelle 2019

Palliser Estate

Palliser Estate 'The Rose' Methode Traditionelle 2019

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Palliser Estate 'The Rose' Methode Traditionelle 2019

This elegant dry sparkling wine is made in the traditional method from 100% Pinot Noir and aged on lees for 2 years, giving it a beautiful creamy texture. Taste the red fruit and raspberry liquorice on the palate with an energetic acidity and a creamy mousse binding everything together, with a long clean finish! Enjoy for up to 8 years from vintage.


About Palliser Estate 

“Our passion is to produce hand crafted elegant wines with purity of flavour that reflects a sense of our place, Palliser.”

When Captain Cook came to New Zealand he was travelling on gut instinct. A conviction that beyond the horizon there was something great waiting. He must have really loved this place because he named their coastline Cape Palliser after his revered patron and fellow explorer Admiral Hugh Palliser. This is now the region where Palliser makes their wine.

Great wines that deliver on the promise of standing on the edge of the world and then going that little bit further.