Prophet's Rock Rocky Point Pinot Gris 2020
Prophet's Rock Rocky Point Pinot Gris 2020

Prophet's Rock

Prophet's Rock Rocky Point Pinot Gris 2020

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Prophet's Rock Rocky Point Pinot Gris 2020

Elegant, complex and varietal. Aromas of orange peel and baked pear, some lees and gentle baking spice layers, blossoms, apples and quince.

On the palate - a dry wine with a fresh pure fruit palate laced with flavours that reflect the nose along with a gentle silken texture and lengthy complex finish.

Well made and ready to enjoy from today and through 2024+.


About Prophet's Rock 

Two vineyards were established in the Bendigo sub-region: The Prophet’s Rock Home Vineyard and, subsequently, the Rocky Point. Both are steep and elevated, and each is distinctive – The Home Vineyard with its rare mix of soils, including schist, clay and chalk, and Rocky Point with its stony ground and almost treacherous slopes.   

In the winery, though, they find their muse in the old houses of Europe. Winemaker Paul Pujol refined his trade working in France’s classical wine regions, the Languedoc, Sancerre and, crucially, Burgundy and Alsace.

His traditional aesthetic — respectful, patient, vineyard-focused – resonates in the Prophet's Rock wines, and frees them to express the unique tenor of their sites.

They are also committed to sustainable wine production and are a member of Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand.