TW Viognier 2016

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TW Viognier 2016

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TW Viognier 2016

Bright, twinkling pale straw, this wine offers decadent aromas of nectarine essence, delicate jasmine and honey. The silky palate offers flavours of golden nectarine and ripe apricot drizzled with manuka honey. The warming finish leaves the mouth savouring honey and sweet citrus.

Wonderful drinking now, this opulent wine can be enjoyed for at least 5 years.


About TW Wines

Power, complexity, elegance.
TW Wines epitomise what the world has come to expect of New Zealand wines.

The concept of TW was born on a fishing trip where two good friends, Geordie Witters and Paul Tietjen travelled to Lake Waikarimoana in 1997. They talked along the way about grapes, wine, and a few other things, and realised they both had ideas of producing top quality wines. Both were keen to make a start in the coming vintage, 1998, with it being a strong El-Nino. They secured a wine consultant, winery space and some new French oak barrels and they were under way! 

TW Wines are grown and hand-crafted along The Golden Slope, Gisborne’s very own Côte d’Or region. Combined with the best hand-picked grapes from the vineyards of these two most respected grape growers. They have a unique character with forward fruit flavours, arising from the terroir.